Hot Pressure Welding ...

Using imported materials, precision machining.Product heating, temperature error.Wear resistance, high temperature resistance.Advanced welding, solder solid, do not fall off

Slide Automatic Weldi...

This mobility is the head of a general, suitable for welding large workpieces.

Double-pressing Spot ...

Electrode position, speed can be precisely controlled;Suitable for the precision welding of enameled wire and other precision parts.

Spot Welding Head

Setting the position, velocity, pressure;Flexible electrode and workpiece contact, impact the workpiece is small, electrode life is high

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OUT electronic technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise who professionally manufacture such equipments as high-frequency inverter direct-current spot welding machine, medium-frequency spot welding machine, welding machine, impulse hot pressing machine, hot bar machine, inverter direct-current resistance welding machine controller, welding source, automatic spot welding machine, etc.

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We possess a number of welding R&D team consisting of experts, professors, post-doctors, doctors, and cored at doctors studying in Germany. With solid technical power, our initiated high-precision inverter spot welding equipment


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